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Like any sport, your performance in golf is as much about your body as it is your skill. While you can refine the technical aspects of your drive or put, at some point your body becomes the limiting factor.

My specialist services for golf fitness in Manchester and the surrounding area enhances your performance through a combination of personalised training and coaching. My career as a Titleist Performance Institute certified fitness professional has seen me work with golfers of all ages and abilities, improving scores across the board by gently improving their strength, flexibility, endurance and rotational power while reducing the risk of injuries.

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Meet Ben

Your TPI-Certified Fitness Professional

Golf coaching focuses on technical proficiency and on-course strategies. Golf fitness, on the other hand, focuses on the unique biomechanics of the golf swing, how your body affects performance and the ways in which we can improve both of them.

Having studied with the Titleist Performance Institute. under some of the world's most renowned golf coaches and instructors, I'm proud to share my knowledge in this specialist field with my golfing clients.

My TPI-certified approach to golf fitness in Manchester centres around the connection between your body's physical capabilities and your swing mechanics, while enhancing your core stability, rotational strength and flexibility to increase swing efficiency and power.

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More time on the course and lower handicaps to match.

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What is my customised training for golf athletes based around?

My goal isn't just to improve your handicap, but to enable you to play golf for longer.

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My coaching packages begin with a 16-point assessment that leaves no stone unturned in revealing the unique strengths and weak points in your golf performance, from glute activation to wrist movement to spinal mobility.

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It may be that stiff muscles or joints are the limiting factor in your swing. We can tackle this by targeting specific muscle groups with specialist exercises, improving your range of motion and core strength.

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A well-performed golf swing is an explosive moment that builds up and releases power in a targeted fashion. Building strength and power in the key muscle groups such as your legs, core and upper body means a more powerful swing.

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While golf is a low-impact sport, acute or chronic injuries are still very possible, especially for older athletes. We can work together to avoid this by addressing your muscular imbalances and improving your overall flexibility.

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A personalised nutrition plan ensures that your body is receiving the fuel it needs for optimal performance, ideal recovery and energy levels.

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They call it ‘golfer's elbow' for a reason! We can address existing pain points caused by tight muscles or imbalances using a combination of mobility drills and exercises, allowing for pain-free and more enjoyable golfing sessions.





Lets work together to fine tune your body for your swing.

My golf fitness private personal training in Manchester starts with a free consultation about your starting point and your end goal


I have been working with Ben for 10+ years. During that period, not only have I become much stronger and more mobile, but Ben has taught me everything that I now know about training and fitness. This has led to drastic increases in my power and athleticism, as well as effective rehabilitation of injuries and management of my body. Ben is always prepared, reliable, positive, and motivated, consistently delivering a high standard of service. I would highly recommend working with Ben.

Paul, PGA Professional





Optimise your performance on and off the course

I look at a game of golf as a three-part story – The pre-game, the game itself and the post-game, with each part being equally important. What you do before the game is going to decide how you perform on the day, and what you do after the game is going to decide how you feel for the next few days.

That's why I offer specialist pre-round and post-ground services to help you play your best for that day's round of golf and tomorrow's.


Get your body and your mind ready for the round with a combination of dynamic stretching, activation exercise and sports-specific movements, all tailored to your unique biomechanics.


Cool down and kickstart your body's recovery using static stretches and self-myofascial releases.