Welcome to Eagle Fitness and Performance.

Drawing on thousands of hours of practical experience as a private personal trainer in Manchester informed by the latest in sports science, I have been helping everyone from busy mums to professional athletes improve their bodies and change their lives for over 10 years. With enthusiastic support both during and outside our sessions, comprehensive nutrition plans and a genuine drive to help my clients, I'm here to help everybody and every body.



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No two bodies or goals are the same, and my approach reflects this; whether you're looking to address a nagging pain or repeat injury, get beach-ready or simply improve your energy levels, I draw on every ounce of my practical experience and professional education to create customised packages designed to suit you.

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As a Titleist Performance Institute-certified private personal trainer in Manchester, I can help you to not just swing better but swing for longer by building explosive power, improving your stability and strengthening injury-prone muscles. Expect lower handicaps, longer drives, comments from friends and many more years of golfing success.

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There are very few sports where improving explosiveness and rotational strength doesn't translate into performance, whether you're a striking, contact or skill athlete. Holistic in its approach yet scientific in its theory, my sports strength and conditioning training addresses everything from muscular imbalances to the finer points of your nutrition.






Mobile personal training that brings the gym to you

Enjoy all the benefits of hands-on support from a private personal trainer in Manchester in the comfort of your own home – I'll provide the equipment and expertise while you provide the effort. With a range of equipment including dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands, there are no goals that we can't work together to reach.











Gym sessions for specialist equipment

Train with some of the best equipment around! My personal training services are also available at Cosmos Gym in Sale, Manchester, giving you access to both to-notch equipment and expert guidance under one roof.







Frequently asked questions about your private personal trainer in Manchester

I don't do a sport; can I benefit from sports performance services?

Absolutely! Whatever your health or fitness goals, the foundations of sports performance can get you results.


Do you offer more than just fitness training?

Yes – I offer all-encompassing packages which include hands-on personal training, nutrition advice and planning, customised training programmes and even lifestyle coaching.



What qualifications do you have?

I hold both a diploma in personal training and a level 2 certification from the Titleist Performance Institute, the world's leading authority on golf performance and player development. Together, these qualifications leave me equipped to coach non-athletes, golfers and athletes in other sports.


How much do your services cost?

No two people have the same budget, schedules or even goals – We all have different ideas of what terms like ‘stronger', ‘faster' or ‘losing weight' exactly mean. That's why instead of offering restrictive one-size-fits all packages, my services are flexible enough to accommodate you, your lifestyle and your budget.


Where are you based?

I'm based out of Sale, just south of Manchester, but my mobile services cover the surrounding 20 miles.


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Specialising in golf fitness

As a TPI-Certified Fitness Professional in Manchester, I don't just train golfers – I understand golfers. After all, the sport comes with its own unique physical demands which more generalist fitness professionals might not understand or appreciate. My golf-specific training takes the time to understand your goals, skill level and any physical limitations you may have, before designing a personalised training program for golf performance that is safe, effective and overall enjoyable.








Where is my private personal training in Manchester available?

My in-gym training is carried out at Cosmos Gym in Sale, Manchester, but my mobile services cover the entire Greater Manchester area. This includes:

Manchester |  Stockport  |  Rochdale  |  Oldham  |  Bolton  |  Leigh  |  Wigan  |  Warrington  |  Northwich  |  Knutsford  |  Wilmslow  |  Macclesfield

Having only been working with Ben for a short time, I have seen significant improvements in my health almost immediately. I have suffered with chronic back pain for over 20 years, which all but dissipated when I began doing corrective exercises with Ben. I felt fitter and stronger straight away, and the back pain has eased to the point where it has almost vanished. By following Ben's nutrition and lifestyle coaching, I have seen a significant reduction in body fat and my energy levels are much higher.